Chennai center is located in Anna Nagar. It is one of the best areas of Chennai. Center has proper infrastructure and facilities to provide homely atmosphere to all the students to achieve their goal. All the IAS coaching institutions are located in the vicinity of the hostel. The hostel has 7 A/C rooms to accommodate approximately 22 students. Facilities include Dining Hall, Reading hall and library. The hostel is well equipped with basic amenities like TV, Geysers and Refrigerator etc. Besides this, the Wi-Fi facility is available in the hostel. The hostel has 24/7 security guard and warden to take care of students.

We regularly conduct road shows and workshops in interior part of southern India to create awareness about this facility & gather deserving set of students.

Center Committee

Name : Shri Ravikant Chaudhari

Email :

Name : Shri Girish Jain

Name : Shri Ranjit Jain

Email :