President’s Message



“Public service is the highest good, and, when done honorably and well, the most rewarding”

The future of this country is intrinsically linked to quality of our cadre for the public service. The public service is the engine of the Government. If the engine is dysfunctional, the vehicle would not move.

Today’s world of public service is flexible and fluid, with change as the only constant. To succeed, professionals need a broad and transferable education. At JATF, our students arrive with the desire to serve the public. They leave with the skills and experience to bring about change. Combining coursework in management, finance and policy with cutting-edge research and work experience in urban communities, the JATF enable them to transform their personal commitment into public leadership.


JATF of each and everyone is central to the realization of the values and commitments of our students. We provide the environment for their learning and development so that they can excel in public services placement opportunity as a responsive and capable professional so that they can serve our country.

A culture and ethos of Lord Mahaveer is imbued throughout their coaching and learning to meet the expectations of stakeholders and communities.


“A commitment to the common good changes everything.”

“If we begin with a commitment to the common good, we might see the challenges of our time differently.”

Suresh M Mutha
JITO Administrative Training Foundation